Japan unveils its new Smash 4 Power Ranking, ahead of Evo 2017

By on July 13, 2017 at 10:30 am
Japan Power Ranking Smash 4 summer 2017

First the PGR, then SSBMRank and now the Japan Power Ranking! With Evo coming up on us fast, Japanese statistician haruki has finally released the country’s full Smash 4 Power Ranking. Larger than most Western variants, their ranking lists the country’s 200 best players, with the top 30 having their achievements memorialized in video form.

The videos showing off the top 30 are truly something–with each player getting a breakdown of their best wins, a map showing where they have competed and even a special end-card which relates to a memorable moment from their Smash career. I’d love to see haruki and editor cooder collaborate with the PG Stats team for the PGR v4, as the editing in these videos really add some personality to the whole affair.

As for the actual rankings, KEN has held onto the title as Japan’s best Smash 4 player, with 2GG’s komorikiri retaining his second place position. LG|Abadango has moved up from seventh to third place, while former bronze medalist Shuton has dropped down to sixth. You can find last season’s list here, if you want to check how the positions have changed.

JPR Smash 4 v3

Out of the top 15, only four–Choco, Shuton, T and Hikaru–are not attending Evo this year. With Japan fielding so many heavy hitters for this year’s event, I’d be surprised if you didn’t see at least two or three players on this list making it to Sunday finals. You also have to note the huge character variety in Japan’s ranking, when compared to the West. Every top 10 player mains a different character and the only repeating characters are Bayonetta, Rosalina and Luma, Pit and Duck Hunt.

Source: Harukisb

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