PG Stats release their own Super Smash Bros. for Wii U character tier list, based on votes from the PGR v3 panel

By on July 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Smash 4 Tier List

With the PGR v3 concluded, the PG Stats team have released a Smash 4 character tier list, decided by the panel that helped formulate the recent global rankings. Based on recent results and trusted opinions from 35 experts, you can find this tier list below:

pgr v3 tier list

Bayonetta and Diddy were tied for first, with both characters scoring a total of 9.94 on the 1-10 ranking. If you compare to the 4BR Tier List from back in March of this year, there has been very little change among the top tiers. The only massive leap has been with Rosalina, who has risen from eighth to fifth place. You can thank the combined performance of Kirihara and Dabuz for that resurgence.

DK has seen the biggest change in position, moving 13 places from 28th to 15th. Samus has also flown up the list, shifting from 40th to 30th. For the entire breakdown of how the panel voted, the scores can be found here.

Sources: PG Stats; Smashboards

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