Xian discusses Street Fighter V’s defensive options in the latest episode of Gfinity’s Training Series

By on July 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm
SFV Defensive Options

With Evo nearly here, you’ll no doubt be doing some last-minute lab work to prepare for your bracket. If you’re looking to improve your defence in Street Fighter V, the latest episode of Gfinity’s Training Series could be just what you need. Hosted by RZR|Xian–a pioneer of precise, defense based play–this guide should help improve your ability to block or escape anything that comes your way.

From backdashing out of block-strings to finding that one normal that can help you escape a combo, Xian lists a bunch of options that players should be aware of when they are on the defensive. Xian will no doubt put some of these options into practice at Evo, so this guide will give you that leg up, should you come across him during the tournament.

Source: Cross Counter TV

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