Majorboy boxes his way to Master Rank with Ed in XusesGB’s latest Street Fighter V compilation

By on July 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm
sfv ed high def picture of strength

Since his initial release alongside the new Capcom Fighters Network and the Season 2.5 balance patch at the end of May, Street Fighter V‘s newest character, Ed, hasn’t proven to be that popular at higher levels of play. However, that hasn’t stopped PRIZM-NANA, a.k.a. Majorboy, from keeping his gloves sharp. Though he began Season 2 with Ibuki, he┬áhas become┬áthe first player to reach Master Rank with “The Young Commander.”

XusesGB’s latest compilation shows off a brief highlight reel displaying great usage of Ed’s V-Skill to reel in foes for continued pressure, as well as consistent pianos from crouching Medium Kick and some solid Psycho Flicker corner pressure. Things then transition into a FT2 set against Red Bull|Bonchan’s Nash that’s quite the back-and-forth showdown. You can see the full montage, and find out who emerged victorious, below.

Source: XusesGB

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