Meteorito Jr. and Antler Inoki hit the ring in the latest CFN Portal profiles

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After taking a detailed look at Hakan’s family, the Shadaloo Activity Report takes us inside the squared circle today, as we look at a pair of wrestling legends. One holds a deep connection with a pair of luchadores from both Street Fighter and Saturday Night Slam Masters, and the other paying homage to one of the true Japanese legends of the sport. Today, Private Nakagawa introduces us to Meteorito Jr. and Antler Inoki.

Private Nakagawa: “¡Viva Mexico! The God of Lucha Libre, born in Mexico. The master of El Fuerte and El Stingray. As his name implies, he has a very cool meteor shining in his mask’s forehead.

Meteorito Jr. CFN Profile

Basic Info:

Name: Meteorito Jr.
Height: 177cm
Weight: 90kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: April 20th
Country of Origin: Mexico
Likes: Movies (he acts in them) [That sounds a lot like El Santo], Baseball
Dislikes: Airplanes

Private Nakagawa: “He was originally a superb high-flyer, who used as his special move, a modified Moonsault Press named “Yucatán Tornado.” [This references Último Dragón‘s move Cancún Tornado, a Twisting Moonsault (that Último Dragón mainly did springboarding outside the ring). The inventor of the Twisting Moonsault was Chaparrita ASARI, who named it Skytwister Press, and for this reason it’s considered mainly a female wrestler move in Japan: think DOA’s Tina, or Tekken’s Jaycee for instance, both equipped with the move.] When he came to Japan for a fight, (he went by ship because he’s afraid of planes) he injured his neck after being caught in Antler Inoki’s Abdominal Stretch. From then on, he started using a spinebuster named Kukulkán as a finisher. He’s known as an excellent trainer and has opened his dōjō in Mexico, where he’s raising many promising young wrestlers.” [Exactly as Último Dragón himself has done with his Toryumon]

For the 280th Profile, we meet (the likeness of) one of the top Japanese professional wrestlers in history, Antler Inoki.

Private Nakagawa: “The worthy rival of SASHA Nishiki and Meteorito Jr. He even fought against the macho mayor Mike Haggar, a true wrestling legend! The image below depicts him when he was still active.” [Antonio Inoki is currently retired and is a wrestling promoter and politician, well known in Japan for his meetings with Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War and, more recently, with North Korean officers, in an effort to improve the relationship between North Korea and Japan.]

Antler Inoki CFN Profile

Basic Info:

Name: Antler Inoki
Height: 191cm
Weight: 100kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: February 20th
Country of Origin: Japan [All copied straight from Antonio Inoki’s real stats. Yup, even his blood type.] Likes: Sunflower Seeds [Antonio Inoki actually sells his own brand of sunflower seeds.] Dislikes: Egg Dishes

Private Nakagawa: “With his unique talent for sports, he was active as a big name killer. [Among others, Antonio Inoki beat Andre the Giant and Vader during his career.] He had friendly relationships with various federations in the whole world, [Even with the then WWF, in which he was an unrecognized champ, having beaten Bob Backlund in a controversial match] and several wrestlers came to Japan to wrestle him in famous matches. He has a fan club, who every month receives cool Antler Goods.”

What do you think of these two legendary grapplers? Would you like to see either of them in a future season of Street Fighter V? Give us your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check back here on the front page as more CFN profiles are released!

Special thanks once again to Midgardsorn for the translations and footnotes.

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