Capcom Pro Online 2017 Europe Event 3 and Latin America Event 4 results

By on July 8, 2017 at 12:45 pm
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Two Capcom Pro Online events are happening this weekend. First up is Europe’s third event, open to players from Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, France and Italy.

Finally is Latin America’s final online event for the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season. The event is open to players from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay.

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Street Fighter V

Latin America Event 4

1. SL|StunneR (Cammy)
2. F2G|Moise (Laura)
3. Yk4|Tubarao GX (Necalli)
4. F3|Brolynho (Necalli)
5. ProGamer|Shades_BR (Urien)
5. CursoSFV|Pauloweb (Laura)
7. Yk4|Ludo GX (Akuma)
7. Px|Lm3

Match Log
Europe Event 3

1. XL|Infexious (Necalli, Zangief)
2. MD|Mister Crimson (Laura, Dhalsim)
3. SaltyKid (R. Mika)
4. Method|Packz (Karin)
5. Cobalt (Urien)
5. Zera (Akuma)
7. Method.RB|Luffy (R. Mika)
7. INF|Imstildadaddy (Ed, Guile)

Match Log

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