Tekken 7 video roundup: Evasion tutorial, EWGF guide, throw breaks explained, and more

By on July 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Today’s Tekken 7 video roundup is largely defensive! If you are someone that needs their defense upgraded, then you’ll find a lot of the tutorials this week are tailored just for you. There’s still some great combo and tech trap videos, too, though, for the more offensively inclined.

Tournament pro Dinosaur, via That Blasted Salami, has put together an examination of the “crush” system of the Tekken series.

TheMainManSWE has made a massive guide for learning the Electric Wind God Fist. Mishima dreamers, this is for you!

Just Frame has made an excellent tutorial on the throw break system in Tekken 7.

King Gaming Marks has put together a straight forward combo video for Lars’s midscreen and wall options.

BloodHawkTR breaks down the applications of Kazumi’s tiger-chucking Rage Drive.

ncea has tapped into some dark magic with this cross up running 3 setup for Devil Jin.

Bryan players, take notice. Here’s a tech trap for Taunt xx Jet Upper from RollTide8569:

Colten Durnell has a taunt trap, as well, and a mixup for it, to boot.

Evo 2017 is just around the corner. Are you ready for Tekken’s largest Evo yet?

Sources: TheMainManSWE; That Blasted Salami; Just Frame; King Gaming Marks; BloodHawkTR; ncea; RollTide8569; Colten Durnell

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