SRK Stats breaks down Evo 2017 registration numbers: Game entry overlap, overall growth, and more

By on July 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm
evo 2017 lineup final

Some interesting aspects of the players and the event are revealed.

SRK Stats has crunched the Evo 2017 registration numbers, and thus revealed some interesting statistics about what people are playing, and the event itself. To start, here’s a look at how registrants across the multiple games overlap in the games they entered:

evo 2017 player crossover

For example, you can see in the breakdown above that more than 40% of Tekken 7, UMvC3, KOFXIV, and Injustice 2 players — and 38% of REV 2 players — are also playing SFV. 16-17% of Smash competitors are playing both games in the franchise. 46% of BlazBlue players are also competing in Guilty Gear — but only 28% of Guilty Gear players are in both ASW titles!

How many games has each fighter taken on? Have a look:

We also get a look at the development of the event over past years — factoring out the massive 2016 spike, the event is still showing slight growth:


Source: SRK Stats (Twitter) Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.