Rise Nation adds Bryant “Smug” Huggins to their FGC roster

By on June 30, 2017 at 11:15 am
Balrog Smug Rise Nation

Joining the likes of MenaRD and Marn, Rise Nation have signed Bryant “Smug” Huggins ahead of this year’s Evo. The mayor of Duff City has hit his stride during Street Fighter V Season 2, finding his main in the original Street Fighter boxer Balrog. With top eight placings at CEO 2017, Combo Breaker, KiT and Winter Brawl XI, along with victories at Texas Showdown and Fighters’ Underground, you need to watch out for this man’s Turn Around Punch.

Smug was also one of the invitees to ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter Invitational, with his Balrog earning him ninth place overall. Rise Nation have certainly picked a winner with Smug, with his mix of skill and personality making him a definite fan favorite within the Street Fighter community. Expect this man to be putting new citizens on the Duff City bus at Evo.

Source: Rise Nation

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