Alex Myers & Cross Counter TV demonstrate how to punish your opponents more effectively in Street Fighter V

By on June 28, 2017 at 10:00 am

Cross Counter TV’s GFinity Elite training series for Street Fighter V Season 2.5 rolls on, as Alex Myers now steps up to the plate to instruct players on how to more efficiently punish their enemy’s mistakes during the heat of battle. With Street Fighter V being an extremely momentum-based, high-damage game, maximizing each and every punishment opportunity is very easily the difference between victory and defeat for players of all skill levels.

Aware that many players who may just be beginning their fighting game careers could be among this video’s viewership, Myers — using the classic examples of Ryu and Ken — begins by showing off the simple action of a sweep into a forward dash, to initially set up the future punish opportunity, before blocking Ken’s attempted wakeup Shoryuken. He then advances to the next level by connecting with a Crush Counter combo into the Wandering Warrior’s Critical Art, which will net significantly more damage than just going for a simple throw or another sweep. Alex also demonstrates some buffering techniques and shortcuts that can be used to ensure your attempted punish combos are always consistently on point. Check out the full video below.

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If any European fighters are looking for an online arena to test their skills, you can find out more about the GFinity Elite Series, featuring SFV, at

Source: Cross Counter TV

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