Sub-Zero joins the Injustice 2 roster on July 11th

By on June 23, 2017 at 3:30 pm
Sub Zero IJ2

Winter’s coming early this year, as the frosty grand-master of the Lin Kuei Sub-Zero is joining the Injustice 2 roster on July 11th. Announced by Ed Boon via Twitter, the Mortal Kombat guest character will act as the second character of Fighter Pack 1.

Due to his release being so close to Evo, the icy ninja will not be legal at the tournament. If there is a balance patch to coincide with his release, expect an official ruling as to whether setups at Evo will or will not use the latest version of Injustice 2.

Starfire is the next character to come in Fighter Pack 1 and based on the current trend with character releases, she will probably join the fight in August. If I were a betting man, I’d imagine we may see a trailer for the alien princess during the Injustice 2 finals at Evo.

Source: Ed Boon

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