Get a glimpse of Undisputed Street Fighter — an upcoming 304-page art book celebrating Street Fighter’s history

By on June 21, 2017 at 12:00 pm
undisputed srk

Bleeding Cool have shared their exclusive look at Undisputed Street Fighter: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series, a 304-page hardcover art book celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original fighting game franchise. The book is the collaborative effort of writer Steve Hendershot and editor Tim Lapetino. Below are statements from the writer and editor, as well as a a gallery with a few sample pages from the upcoming book.

Steve Hendershot:

Street Fighter is a running, 30-year conversation between the series’ creators, players and fans. Its genius — the magic of shoulder-to-shoulder arcade play, and the playful, vivid style of its characters — stems from that back-and-forth. It’s been so much fun to hear all sides of that conversation from Tokyo and Osaka to San Francisco and Chicago, and I’m excited to tell the story through this book.

Tim Lapetino:

It’s been an excellent adventure delving so deeply into the labyrinth of characters and people who make up Street Fighter Nation. We’ve drawn from 30 years of the best art and stories the franchise has to offer, and Steve has brought his fresh take to all things Street Fighter with a ton of new interviews and insights. The book is a love letter to those who grew up with Street Fighter and also to everyone carrying it into the future.

Undisputed Street Fighter: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series is set to release sometime in November. Check out the samples in the gallery above, and stay tuned for an official release date!

Source: Bleeding Cool