Nintendo announces free DLC plans for ARMS

By on June 16, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Max Brass ARMS

With ARMS now available around the world, players will naturally be looking forward to what new updates and DLC will be coming to this stretchy-limbed fighter in the future. Announced during their final Treehouse Live presentation at E3, producer Kosuke Yabuki revealed the first batch of free updates coming to ARMS.

The first update will come at the end of this month, adding a special spectator mode for players wanting to analyze ARMS matches. This feature was seen briefly during the ARMS E3 Invitational, and will allow viewers to watch matches from multiple angles.

The other update will come in July, adding boss character Max Brass to the ARMS roster. As the current ARMS champion, Max Brass appears as the final opponent in ARMS‘ Grand Prix mode. Much like Spring Man, Max Brass also gains permanently charged punches when his health reaches 25%, and can deflect incoming attacks by dashing when his punches are charged. He can also bulk himself up, allowing him to armor through non-charged punches like Master Mummy and Mechanica.

Source: Nintendo

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