Core-A Gaming sits down with Korean legends Saint and JDCR to talk Tekken

By on June 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Core-A JDCR Saint

Korea has long been synonymous within the fighting game community for their prowess in Tekken, with players from the country being perennial favorites in international competition for the game. Two of the recent names that have stood out from the country’s elite players have been Echo Fox|JDCR — the Evo 2014 champion for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, who just recently won Tekken 7 titles at Combo Breaker and Rage Art — and Echo Fox|Saint–the reigning Evo champion for both Tekken 7 and The King of Iron Fist.

Recently, Gerald “mintcheerios” Lee of Core-A Gaming sat down with the two players for an interview featuring questions fielded by the community at large. These questions range from the zany (asking which Tekken character would be their “waifu”) to the technical (asking which Korean levers the players prefer). They also discussed the execution, and the necessity of Korean Backdashing — with JDCR saying that it’s less important given that much like¬†Street Fighter, backdashing too often in Tekken can be easily punished — and whether the changes in Tekken 7 to make it more accessible to newcomers were necessary.

Source: Core-A Gaming

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