Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite footage and impressions from the E3 floor: Angelic, Justin Wong, FChamp, and others

By on June 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm
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While the Story Demo of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is now in our hands, this is more to show off the game’s single player content than it is for people to try mechanics out. At E3 2017 however, a different — more complete — and seemingly better-looking build is playable on the show floor. As expected, a number of top players have made their way to the Los Angeles Convention Center for a chance to try the game out and share their impressions. Luckily for us, they have taken to social media and YouTube to share some clips and impressions of the game.

Some of these are just short clips of stuff they found surprising. Armando “Angelic” Mejia, for one, seems surprised at Zero’s new moves, using the kicks he’s now gained with MvC:I’s more traditional control scheme.

Meanwhile, Team Spooky’s Josh “NerdJosh” Jodoin was playing some sets with Eliver “Killer Kai” Ling. One thing he found surprising was how the game handled tagging pre-match. Simply hitting the tag button during the ready state, before the word “fight” comes out, resulted in a tag.

In addition to this, both Josh and Eliver shared a few more impressions, mostly testing stuff with Morrigan — who was pretty dominant in the previous game.

Eliver also shot this video of Splyce’s Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez going up against Snake Tits.

Snake Tits himself has this to say about the game’s mechanics.

Meanwhile, Filipino Champ and fellow NorCal resident, Echo Fox’s Justin Wong, have been posting a lot of videos and photos of the game. Both seem pretty impressed with Thanos, showing off some mixups with the mad titan.

FChamp also shot some footage of a Thanos combo being performed by Capcom’s Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas himself.

Rosas also demonstrated another combo, this time for Nova:

Justin himself seems pretty impressed with Nova’s incarnation in the game.

He also mentioned finding “the best team in the game” which, judging by his photos, is either Zero and Mega Man X, or Ultron and Captain Marvel.

Of course, with E3 still ongoing, there’s bound to be more footage and impressions coming out of the event. Stay locked on to Shoryuken for more of these as the week goes on!

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