Eagle comes to Killer Instinct on June 27th, alongside patch 3.8

By on June 14, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Eagle KI

After being teased at Combo Breaker, we’ve finally got more footage and a release date for the cybernetic hunter and brother of Chief Thunder, Eagle. He will join the Killer Instinct roster on June 27th, coming along with patch 3.8. According to Iron Galaxy designer Adam “Keits” Heart, Eagle is a “mobile zoner” with “scary mixups from various ranges.” If you’re a fan of Green Arrow, Hawkeye or Nakoruru, Eagle should be right up your alley.

Based on the trailer, it confirms that Eagle’s bird will be an assist character, returning arrows to him if they miss their target. His quiver has a finite number of arrows, so you’ll need to call on your feathered friend to restock your ammo supply. Eagle can fire a single arrow or a flurry of three arrows, either as normal arrows or as flaming projectiles. Similar to Arbiter with his carbine shots, Eagle can fire off an arrow at the end of a combo to deal some extra damage.

As for his other attacks, Eagle has a special flip move where he can cross up opponents similar to Shadow Jago’s divekicks. He also seems to have a slide and a move very similar to Fulgore’s Axis Slash, which makes sense seeing as Eagle became the model for the current Fulgore units. We’ll no doubt get a full character breakdown in the future, but he looks perfect for anyone who loves hyper mobile projectile characters.

Patch 3.8 is also promised to have a bunch of balance changes as well, so look forward to those as well on June 27th. Expect Eagle to cost $4.99, similar to recent DLC characters.

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