Here’s our first look at Dragon Ball FighterZ in action

By on June 12, 2017 at 11:00 am

Ever since it was announced a couple of days ago, people have been looking forward to seeing Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ in action. Well, this morning (afternoon in Japan), they held a special live stream over on Nico Nico focused on Dragon Ball games, and Dragon Ball FighterZ was part of the show.

The gameplay itself is quite interesting. While it’s a 3-on-3 tag team fighter similar to the last 2 Marvel vs. Capcom games, the game itself seems to play closer to Arc System Works’s own games, especially the Guilty Gear series — there’s even an attack that seems to work similar to that series’ Dust attack. However, assists do tend to work similar to other games with the feature, with characters coming in to perform attacks, and then being unable to be called for a short recovery period.

One thing that the game won’t have compared to other tag team fighters is incoming mix ups after a character goes down. After a character is KOed, a cinematic plays of the incoming character coming in and clashing with the surviving character, and the the action resets to back to the middle of the stage.

Other mechanics seem to be taken from other Dragon Ball games. There’s a powered-up dash that seems to home in and hit opponents (tagged in characters also use the same dash). And, of course, characters can charge up their ki to build meter. Speaking of super meter — from what we’ve seen, the game allows for more than five bars of meter. This meter itself is used to power several techniques, aside from super moves. These included dodges, and of course, transformations. At the very least, Frieza was shown transforming into his golden form at the cost of three bars.

The super themselves are pretty dramatic, filling the screen with all manner of beams. These supers, along with other powerful moves, leave visible damage on the stage. Some powerful supers, however, seem to actually be able to change the stage. In the demo, Vegeta’s Final Flash was shown to change the Namek stage to the burning, lava filled version of it from the end of the Frieza saga, when it was about to explode.

Now for all those who missed the stream and are salivating at all these things, more than a few folks have uploaded clips of it onto YouTube. The PS360HD channel has put up these three matches from the stream.

Source: nico nico; footage from PS360HD2

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