Check out ELEAGUE’s player profile for the world’s strongest Karin, PG|Punk

By on May 27, 2017 at 12:00 pm
sfv karin ready pose

Most people had Victor “Punk” Woodley as an odds on favorite to win ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V Invitational. It’s easy to see why: West Coast Warzone, NCR, and Dreamhack Austin’s championships all belong to him. And in case you were unaware of that, Punk will definitely remind you:

But how did he get to this point? In ELEAGUE’s short player profile, we get a glimpse into what helped make Punk who he is. Behind the cocky bravado is a supportive family¬†that pushed him forward in his endeavors. The humble beginnings hinted at here put Punk’s entertaining personality in perspective.

With him taking victory at ELEAGUE last night, he’s certainly got a lot to be cocky about.


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