Staffordshire University will offer a Bachelor of Arts in esports next year

By on May 26, 2017 at 5:00 pm

School and games don’t tend to mix together well, but we’ve seen some universities offer esports programs, and even have their own teams. However, if you ever wanted to study esports as a subject to support your gaming career, it will soon be possible to take classes.

A university in the UK will offer a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree module in esports starting next year. Staffordshire University will feature courses in 2018, targeting entrepreneurs under 35 who want to learn about the culture, business, and community of esports.

“Over 73 per cent of those employed within esports are under the age of 35 and their skills are in demand,” said Rachel Gowers, the university’s dean of recruitment, PC Gamer reports. “Companies are looking for people who are entrepreneurial and tech savvy and the industry is driving the creation of new jobs. All students will get to visit an esports arena, and we are also offering a number of exciting scholarship opportunities for competitive players.”

This is part of UK’s push to become a stronger force in the esports industry on a global scale. As these courses are coming next year, perhaps we’ll see universities in other countries follow suit. Perhaps a minor in Fighting Games will be a thing of the future?

Source: PC Gamer

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