NSURGO to offer a new line of Beast-branded Daigo Umehara merchandise, launching alongside Evo 2017

By on May 23, 2017 at 9:00 am

Soon you will be able to show your support of the Beast with new apparel–and more.

Already partnered with Twitch, HyperX, Cygames, and Red Bull, another company is stepping forward to join forces with the Beast: NSURGO has announced plans to produce new merchandise featuring Daigo Umehara’s “Beast” branding.

Daigo Umehara most recently signed up with Cygames to form Cygames Beast: a sponsorship shared by PR Balrog and Red Bull’s Snake Eyez; this was preceded by a sponsorship with gaming headset manufacturer HyperX, working with Red Bull to promote his book The Will to Keep Winning, and being named Twitch’s global brand ambassador. His accomplishments need no introduction in the FGC–and after some struggles with Ryu in Street Fighter V, his recent switch to Guile has earned him a spot in the upcoming ELEAGUE playoffs; many eyes are on Umehara again, waiting to see if he can rise to even greater competitive¬†prominence.

While no products have been revealed yet, NSURGO promises “apparel, headwear, and accessories” in their upcoming Beast line. The BEAST x NSURGO collection will launch to coincide with Evo 2017–happening in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14-16. From NSURGO:

The goal of this partnership is to create the first-ever lifestyle brand that captures the influence Daigo has brought to the fighting game community. To accomplish this, the NSURGO and Beast teams will combine their years of experience in competitive gaming, artistic design, and merchandising. The result will be fresh new products for fans and the fighting game community. The NSURGO team is honored to have spent the last several months working with the Beast team, and in that time have developed a number of new designs, including the new Beast logo.

daigo & lupe SFV S2 launch
Lupe Fiasco & Daigo Umehara at the launch of Street Fighter V’s Season 2

Source: press release

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