Documentary on Street Fighter player Commander Jesse examines the effect of a major tournament upset for a lesser-known player

By on May 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Rising SoCal star Jesse “Commander Jesse” Espinoza showed up big on many people’s radars after a shocking win over FGC legend Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi at the ESL’s Brooklyn Beatdown. From that win, Jesse’s gameplay received a sudden burst of acclaim and scrutiny the Dhalsim practitioner had not yet faced in his gaming life.

“EXP Docs: Commander Jesse Street Fighter Documentary” gives a more intimate look at the struggle of an un-sponsored player trying to keep up with the pros. Jesse is allowed to lay bare what makes him who he is–his family, his mentality, his play style. With this, the creators of this great documentary show how this continues to guide him on his journey for growth. Be sure to check out this rare examination of a player suddenly thrust into the limelight.

Source: Body Count Fighting

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