FFM-Rumble X results

By on May 20, 2017 at 5:38 am
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Germany is getting into the Capcom Pro Tour action this weekend with the tenth edition of FFM-Rumble. In addition to the Street Fighter V CPT Ranking Event are tournaments for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- and BlazBlue Central Fiction, along with side events for The King of Fighters XIV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and Arms.

A number of Europe’s top players like RB|Luffy, BX3|Phenom, mouz|Problem X, Packz, Ryan Hart, Takamura, MD|Mister Crimson and more will be participating.

Capcom titles will be streamed on hadoken.eu’s Twitch channel, while anime titles will be streamed on HardEdge’s channel. Tune in and enjoy!

Fight_Club_NRW (SFV, UMVC3)

Watch live video from Fight_club_nrw on www.twitch.tv

HardEdgeOfficial (Anime)

Watch live video from HardEdgeOfficial on www.twitch.tv


All times in CEST (UTC +2).




Street Fighter V

1. BX3|Phenom (Necalli)
2. mouz|Problem X (Zangief, M. Bison, Laura)
3. MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim)
4. Nasr|Big Bird (Ken)
5. Layo (Laura)
5. FH|Brickterium (Urien)
7. Cobelcog (Cammy)
7. M|Will2pac (Laura, Kolin)

9. Packz (Karin)
9. Takamura_B (Ken)
9. CRaZY Verdyonace (Birdie)
9. IG|Zer0q (Balrog)
13. ECV|x3Terror (Guile)
13. Brick (Zangief)
13. Ryan Hart (Urien)
13. RB|Luffy (R. Mika)

Match Log
Grand Final

BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. mouz|Problem X (Laura) – 3-2 Reset
BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. mouz|Problem X (Laura) – 3-0

Losers Final

BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim) – 3-1

Winners Final

mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) vs. MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. Nasr|Big Bird (Ken) – 2-1

Top 8 Winners

mouz|Problem X (Zangief) vs. Layo (Laura) – 2-0
BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim) – 1-2

Top 8 Losers

Nasr|Big Bird (Ken) vs. Cobelcog (Cammy) – 2-0
FH|Brickterium (Urien) vs. M|Will2pac (Laura) – 2-0

Layo (Laura) vs. Nasr|Big Bird (Ken) – 1-2
BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. FH|Brickterium (Urien) – 2-0

Top 16 Winners

mouz|Problem X (Zangief) vs. Takamura_Be (Ken) – 2-1
M|Will2pac (Laura) vs. Layo (Laura) – 0-2
BX3|Phenom (Necalli) vs. Cobelcog (Cammy) – 2-0
Nasr|Big Bird (Ken) vs. MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim) – 0-2

Top 16 Losers

ECV|x3Terror vs. Packz
Brick vs. FH|Brickterium
CRaZY Verdoyance vs. Ryan Hart
RB|Luffy (R. Mika) vs. Packz (Karin) – 0-2

M|Will2pac (Kolin) vs. Packz (Karin) – 2-0
Takamura_Be vs. FH|Brickterium
Nasr|Big Bird vs. CRaZY Verdoyance
IG|Zer0q (Balrog) vs. Cobelcog (Cammy) – 0-2


Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

1. JACKAL (Millia Rage)
2. Mik (Ramlethal)
3. ATG (Chipp Zanuff)
4. Senser (I-No)

Match Log
Grand Final

JACKAL (Millia Rage) vs. Mik (Ramlethal) – 3-1

Losers Final

ATG (Chipp Zanuff) vs. Mik (Ramlethal) – 2-3

Winners Final

ATG (Chipp Zanuff) vs. JACKAL (Millia Rage) – 0-3

Losers Semi-final

Senser (I-No) vs. Mik (Ramlethal) – 0-2


BlazBlue Central Fiction

1. Mik (Nine)
2. Fish (Hakumen)
3. Senser (Es)
4. jees144 (Jin)

Match Log
Grand Final

Fish (Hakumen) vs. Mik (Nine) – 1-3 Reset
Fish (Hakumen) vs. Mik (Nine) – 1-3

Losers Final

Senser (Es) vs. Mik (Nine) – 1-3

Winners Final

Fish (Hakumen) vs. Mik (Nine) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

jees144 (Jin) vs. Senser (Es) – 1-2

Sources: HardEdge, Capcom Pro Tour