Team YP re-enters the Smash scene by signing Griffin “Fatality” Miller

By on May 19, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Team YP Logo

After a short hiatus from the Super Smash Bros. scene, Team YP are coming back with a bang, by signing the world’s best Captain Falcon player, Griffin “Fatality” Miller. Currently ranked 28th on the Panda Global Rankings, Fatality really shot to stardom after his landmark performance at 2GG: Civil War, where he managed to come second in the most stacked Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament in history.

In a statement released by Team YP, vice-president Brad Burns stated that “Fatality brings a new kind of energy to the organization,” with his stylish playstyle reminding the team of previous signing and fan-favorite Jason “Bizzarro Flame” Yoon. Fatality will be wearing the pink and black at MomoCon next weekend, and then at CEO in June.

Team YP has had quite the tumultuous relationship with esports in general, with Capcom refusing any of its Street Fighter players from wearing the YP tag during the Capcom Pro Tour. The ESL has also banned Team YP from competing in its events, due to the organization’s links with adult entertainment. Hopefully, Fatality should experience no such restrictions when competing in future Smash events.

Source: TeamYP

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