Keep your opponent grounded with this Antonov okizeme guide for The King of Fighters XIV ver. 2.01

By on May 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm

The literal King of Fighters, Antonov, received a number of great buffs in Version 2.00 that granted him new mix-ups and damage opportunities. With these new threats in mind, youtuber APE OF THE U N I V E R S E has put together a wake-up guide for all aspiring cigar-munching champions to study.

Most of the safe jumps and mix-ups presented here make use of Antonov’s Max Mode options. Because of the changes in his crouching HK overhead, once you’ve established your safe-jumps, you can now work a fairly oppressive mid/low/command grab mix-up on a downed opponent.

Source: APE OF THE U N I V E R S E

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