Injustice 2 roundup: Super damage mini-game, Brainiac combos, Black Canary 50/50s, and more

By on May 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Black Canary Injustice 2

It’s now been four days since the release of NetherRealm Studios’ superhero slugfest, Injustice 2. Keep scrolling down to see more combos and tech cooked up by the community!

VesperArcade‘s Robin Combo Guide is a great starting point for new players looking to slice up the competition, showing off some of his most basic conversions from important tools, such as his F+3, an overhead with frame advantage on block.

TheLinuxVirus shows off this disgusting 50/50 mixup off a 1-meter combo with Black Canary.

Take the 50/50 you learned from above, and see how you can incorporate it with these combos from HurtboxTV!

SC2 Voldo pro Enkindu wants to raise awareness about a “Melty Blood”-esque damage increase/decrease mini-game during supers.

Even desk is getting in on the NRS action with this “FLASHy” combo video. I can now confidently say that you can use a stage interaction to hit confirm into tea-bagging in Injustice 2.

Now that you’re getting used to Injustice 2, perhaps the execution in this Brainiac combo from DeBun will keep your brain busy.

And lastly, this oddly soothing combo video from Virtually Offensive shows off damage output and cross-ups from the coolest bug guy in the game, Blue Beetle.

How are you enjoying the first week of Injustice 2 thus far?

Sources: desk; Enkindu; TheLinuxVirus; VesperArcade; HurtboxTV; DeBun; Virtually Offensive

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