Friday Night Fan Art: Spirits & souls–it’s Samurai Shodown vs. SoulCalibur; plus: Twintelle from ARMS

By on May 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm
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Check out this spectacular art from fighting game fans!

Welcome back to Friday Night Fan Art! Tonight it’s a face-off between the top two weapon-weilding fighting franchises: Namco’s SoulCalibur series, and SNK’s Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits, in its native homeland). We’ve gathered a selection of fan art from DeviantArt, featuring many different interpretations of the iconic characters from both series.

We’ll let Samurai Shodown show off its iaido and draw first. Here’s quick-draw pretty boy Ukyo by ktownjeff, stalwart Haohmaru by DenisM79, and a ghostly Shiki by L-a-h-i-n-a-y-u-m-e:

An impressive Genjuro by chaosringen, a deadly-looking Gen-An by PioPauloSantana, and Galford’s Poppy springs into action from EnriqueNL:

Hanzo’s looking buff in this piece from cgfelker, Diavle‘s Mina shows off her flexibility, and zbsogetsu‘s gel ink Nakoruru really captures her spirit.

Nakoruru/Haohmaru/Ukyo by Seeso2D
Nakoruru/Haohmaru/Ukyo by Seeso2D

But there is another tale of swords and souls, eternally retold… SoulCalibur is perhaps even more loved for its character design. Check out Vandrell‘s take on Taki, PioPauloSantana‘s Zasalamel, and lunadementare‘s Setsuka:

A Nightmare in acrylic by engelzorn, ShandyRp offers a powered-up Lizardman, and MichelleHoefener gives us a resplendent Tira:

YamaOrce brings us fantastic versions of undead pirate Cervantes and beautiful warrior Soptitia; while nebezial‘s Ivy lounges, victorious.

SoulCalibur Girls by Seeso2D
SoulCalibur Girls by Seeso2D

There’s just too many characters–and too much great fan art of them–to gather it all here! Did we include your favorite?

Jumping franchises: Nintendo’s new movie star Twintelle for ARMS is getting a lot of attention, in particular for a specific “aspect” of her voluptuous design! Naturally, fans are showing their love with new art on Twitter!

Send us leads on the tipline if there’s any great fan art out there you want to see featured next week on Shoryuken!

Sources: ktownjeff; DenisM79; L-a-h-i-n-a-y-u-m-e; chaosringen; PioPauloSantana; EnriqueNL; cgfelker; Diavle; zbsogetsu; Vandrell; lunadementare; engelzorn; ShandyRp; MichelleHoefener; YamaOrce; nebezial; Seeso2D; @RASBll; @asieybarbie; @3DROD; @ikiruse Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.