Battle Arena Melbourne 9: Xian talks to Capcom about building a solid Ibuki, taking a strategic rest from competition

By on May 19, 2017 at 11:00 am
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In his post-Battle Arena Melbourne 9 interview with Capcom, Razer’s Xian seems slightly deflated, despite taking an impressive 5th place at the Capcom Pro Tour event. He cites the cause of his disposition to losing to Grpt|Fuudo, and being sent home by Echo Fox|Tokido–two players that have become his demons since his recent switch to Ibuki.

Though a little bummed out, Xian is already thinking of future victories, saying that he plans to take a hiatus from the tournament scene to re-access his whole strategy in Street Fighter V. Xian says the next time you see him will probably be at Tiger Knee 2017. You can watch his full interview with Capcom right here:

Source: Capcom Fighters