Andrew David Murphy’s fan-made Street Fighter V HUD looks to make elements more discernible for casual viewers

By on May 19, 2017 at 2:00 pm

With Street Fighter V action getting televised by mainstream media outlets like ESPN and TBS’s ELEAGUE, there are more eyes, exposure, and interest in the fighting game community than ever before. However, Andrew “nevbamshew” David Murphy feels that SFV’s current HUD display may not be doing a good enough job of conveying the action and the myriad of elements on display during the course of a match to the general viewers at home, who may be seeing the game played at high-level for the very first time.

An illustrator by trade, Murphy has provided his own example of an altered HUD, explaining that, “The brief is to improve the usability of the SFV HUD whilst retaining the original aesthetic, accentuating the branding and adding personality and style from the initial promos.”

His proposed changes include increasing the size of the V-Gauge and Critical Art meters to make them easier to see, changing character portraits, while also boldly increasing fonts and visuals, as he feels the current look is a bit too plain. The end result looks like a cross between Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and an Arc System Works title. I can appreciate the plain, basic look of SFV’s HUD, but this redesign certainly has a certain “pop” to it. Catch the video below, and let us know what you think.

For more insight into this project, as well as some great tech videos for both beginners and experts, you can follow him on Twitter at nevbamshew.

Source: Andrew David Murphy

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