Somehow, there’s a Brief Karate Foolish “World Championship” in Kyoto, Japan on May 21st

By on May 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm

The Megabit Convention in Kyoto, Japan will be paying host to a very special tournament on Sunday, May 21st. If I could italicize very special so much that it became a completely solid horizontal line, I would.

Brief Karate Foolish is a free-to-play 2D parody fighting game on Steam. It was made on a clearly limited budget, by a group of people with a good sense of humor and a decent understanding of actual fighting game mechanics. Spiritually similar to something like Dong Dong Never Die, Brief Karate Foolish plays better then it probably should (it has links! jump cancels! footsies!) and wears its intentionally-ugly D.I.Y. aesthetics with pride. I’d submit it under the kusoge category if I didn’t enjoy it so much. (Actually, no. I still would. It’s totally kusoge.)

An extreme example of the game’s combo system.

I say all of this because I never, ever would have guessed that there’d be a real tournament for this game. Run by the developers, no less! In my imagination, this is a ploy to raise awareness for the game and gain¬†funds for a version of BKF with online play. By far BKF’s biggest weakness is that players around the globe can’t play this ridiculous thing with each other unless they are in the same room: a huge missed opportunity for a game basically begging to be streamed and laughed at.

More then likely though, this is just a group of fighting game fans looking to have a laugh¬†at an indie-game convention. And I hope they do, and I hope someone films it. There’s no stream of the event advertised (yet!), but BKF has made it this far on dreams alone. Maybe a little bit more wishing will get a Twitch stream to show up on the 21st.

Source: D.C.S.

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