Learn how to play neutral with Frabisaur on Episode 9 of The Fighter’s Dojo

By on May 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

After covering a variety of tips and strategies over the course of the series, Genex|Frabisaur finally lands on one of his most-requested topics–and something essential to all fighting games. Possibly easy to explain, yet difficult to master: how to properly play neutral. As some of our readers may know, this is how every round begins, the battle to establish positioning between you and your opponent, as well as trying to begin your offense or defensive strategies to gain ground and push them towards the corner. Frabisaur offers a three-part explanation, as he looks at the goals of neutral, the mentality of neutral, and the tools of neutral.

Frabisaur advises that the mentality of neutral should be to always play the opponent in front of you, as leaning solely on character matchup knowledge needs to be supplemented by identifying your foe’s habits and tendencies and exploiting them to your advantage; he demonstrates his thought process by taking you through some of his own Street Fighter V match footage. Simple things, like walking and blocking, filling up space with buttons, or buffering your combos, even on whiff, are great ways to confidently establish yourself and increase your chances of emerging victorious more often during these exchanges. You can catch the full video–with Frabisaur’s complete explanation and visual aids–below.

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Source: Frabisaur

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