Injustice 2 day 3 roundup: Beginner combo guides, hit confirm tips, and lots of character tech

By on May 18, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Injustice 2 Atro

As the first week of Injustice 2’s release rolls on, players and content creators around the world are pushing a variety of cast members further and further as the community continues to understand more about NettherRealm Studio’s latest title. First up, VesperArcade brings us a pair of beginner combo guides for the World’s Finest duo of Batman and Superman.

rooflemonger brings us basic bread & butter combos for the Man of Steel, as well as some tips and tricks to fully unleash the rage of the Red Lantern Atrocitus:

DeBun has managed to net some impressive damage with Cheetah:

FightersLegend brings us some stylish Black Canary combos, while HapkidoRed looks at Reverse-Flash.

UltraDavid continues “Injustice 2 for Dummies” by looking at how to hit confirm, as well as providing some tips for playing footsies and the mid-range game.

Peter Souvanarath brings us a Poison Ivy setup that guarantees a Trait summon after her F213 string that also lets her block any wakeup attacks afterwards.

Cody Dickson bring us a Batman combo video that “encompasses all of his abilities,” with a variety of old and new combos from a variety of situations–as well as a look at Scarecrow.

Finally, Kombat Houston’s Cat brings us a combo tutorial for The Joker, to help you carve some smiles on the faces of your opponents.

Sources: VesperArcade; rooflemonger; DeBun, FightersLegend; HapkidoRed; UltraChenTV; Peter Souvannarath; Cody Dickson; Kombat Houston

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