Erika Wagner revealed as a new playable character in Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late[st]

By on May 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Fans of Under Night In-Birth are long overdue for an update to their 2D fighter. After the initial UNIST announcement, we’ve also learned that supposedly one more character is joining the roster, as we reported from a UNIST listing. It turns out the listing was accurate, and Famitsu broke the news earlier this week.

Erika Wagner, nicknamed “The Crimson Knight” and “The Void Hunter” has appeared in the game’s lore. There’s no information yet as to how she actually plays, or what her battle style involves. She does appear on the game’s key art, however.

UNIST, an update to the console version of Under Night In-Birth:Exe Late, is on track for a console release on July 20th. Enkidu is the other confirmed new character, as well as console-exclusive Chronicle and Mission modes.

Stay tuned to Shoryuken as more details about Erika Wagner arise.

Source: Famitsu via HDKirin and Sourenga

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