Three new characters revealed for ARMS; Global beta “Testpunch” announced

By on May 17, 2017 at 4:40 pm

Nintendo ran its ARMS Direct stream today, and from it sprung a flurry of new content!

First off, there was the reveal of three new characters. There’s movie star Twintelle, who has a sub-mechanic that initiates a sort of “Bullet-time” freeze, allowing her to dodge incoming attacks.

There’s the clockwork cop tag-team Byte and Barq. Barq, the robot dog by your side, attacks independently from Byte, and can serve as a spring pad for you to jump off of.

And last but not least, there’s “snakeboarder” Kid Cobra. I’m going to tell you right now that he has a weapon called the “Slammamander.” I feel it’s really important that you know that.

Several versus modes were revealed during the direct feed:

  • Fight: Your typical 1v1 mode.
  • Team Fight: 2v2 mode where your ally is chained by a string to you. Friendly fire was shown.
  • V-Ball: Volleyball mode.
  • Hoops: Versus mode where you try to literately dunk your opponent through a basketball net.
  • Skillshot: A target breaking mode.
  • 1-on-100: Survival mode
  • ARMS test + Training Mode: ARMS mode lets you try out randomized combinations, and Training Mode appears to be a glorified tutorial mode.
  • Online versus: Standard online versus that also allows you to play other modes while searching for an opponent.

Nintendo also revealed that there’s an online demo event coming called the “ARMs Global Testpunch.” You can download the demo now on the Global E-Shop, then participate in the event on the following days:

Nintendo also appears to be confident enough in ARMs to promise that all future post-launch content will be free:

ARMs launches on June 16th for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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