Injustice 2 combos & tech: Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Robin, Atrocitus, Swamp Thing, Black Adam, Joker, & Captain Cold

By on May 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Dr Fate Injustice 2

Another day, another roundup of the latest uploaded Injustice 2 discoveries by various players and YouTubers! There have been quite a few popping up very quickly in the past 24 hours since the game’s release, and this rapid flow of footage pouring in left us with day one material yet unshared–until now.

First up is none other than EG|Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez, and his own day one combo videos of Dr. Fate–and his original main from the first Injustice, Green Arrow. Plenty of mid-screen, anti-air, and corner combos are showcased here!

Prominent NRS player EGP|Wonder Chef has some short BnB videos of Atrocitus, Black Adam, and Swamp Thing. He also has uploaded optimal combo and reset tech footage for Captain Cold.

Next up is Maximilian, with beginner and intermediate-level combos for Damian Wayne–a.k.a. Robin. This should be a helpful foundation to get Robin players started on their offense game.

Speaking of offense, here’s a slick Robin combo tutorial by YouTube user Itz Shark showing off some more advanced combos. The editing is rather nice, with slow-motion effects to show which moves are being used and notes showing how many hits, damage amount, and if the combo uses meter or not.

Finally, here’s some early Joker tech by Malcolm Strickland. Looks like the Clown Prince of Crime will have lots more dirty tricks up his sleeve this time around.

Sources: NYChrisG; EGP Wonder_Chef; Itz Shark; Malcolm Strickland; Maximilian Dood