Infiltration’s presence in Street Fighter V is alive and well: Capcom’s interview at Battle Arena Melbourne 9

By on May 17, 2017 at 6:00 pm
infiltration srk

After stating that he wasn’t ready to attend any Capcom Pro Tour events back in April, some were wondering if Street Fighter V had left Infiltration behind–but the South Korean Evo champion’s performance at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 should more than prove that he’s still a force to be feared.

His post-tournament interview with Capcom’s Matt Edwards shows that he is still very much plugged into the scene, as he spoke on topics such as: his reasons for picking up Karin, Ed’s character design, why Punk is the one to beat, and more. He also had praises for Australia’s fighting game scene, and some suggestions for changes to Street Fighter V’s mechanics. You can watch the full 21-minute interview below.

Source: Capcom Fighters