UltraDavid explains the unique hit-stun properties of Injustice 2

By on May 15, 2017 at 10:00 am
Superman Batman Injustice 2

Are you new to NetherRealm Studios games? Injustice 2’s release means lots of new players are trying NRS style games for the first time. More then likely, you’ll want to try and apply what you know to this game. Be careful! Because frame data, particularly hit stun, works quite differently in these games.

In NRS games, opponents can still block and throw tech during hit stun, but no other options. As UltraDavid demonstrates, the idea of a link is very different in an NRS game. “Links” only happen in these types of games from a specific hit stun (Capture states) or from canceling strings. Make sure you understand this as you go on your NRS journey!

Source: UltraChenTV

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