Downloading combos.doc: ROB’s combos & neutral game in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

By on May 15, 2017 at 2:00 pm
ROB Smash 4

While having strong aerials, a decent kill confirm off of a grab, and some super gimmicky combos using footstools and his Gyro, ROB is a character you don’t often see in competitive Smash 4 play. Hoping to show players some of the tools ROB has stored in its memory banks, MySmashCorner has created a comprehensive combo guide, showing off some of the tricks this robot can pull off. He has also teamed up the best ROB in the USA, Fable|8BitMan to get some insight on ROB’s strengths and weaknesses at the highest levels of play.

ROB is best played defensively according to 8BitMan, as all of ROB’s aerials are unsafe on shield. Approaching with ROB requires to players to act as a constantly moving wall of projectiles, mixing in lasers and Gyros to break down an enemy’s defenses so you can land a grab or an aerial. ROB’s n-air is the best option for landing, due to its large hitbox, but beware that it does leave ROB open if it hits on shield. You generally need to play ROB as a bait-and-punish character, as going in will just see him thrown on the scrap heap.

Source: MySmashCorner

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