The_Cool_Kid_93 analyzes Alex’s changes from the second CFN beta for Street Fighter V

By on May 14, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Alex CFN Beta 2

With everyone getting a chance to mess around with the long awaited balance changes coming to Street Fighter V with the second CFN beta, character specialists have been working hard to see if their character will improve with the upcoming patch. Dedicated Alex main The_Cool_Kid_93 has been toiling away in the lab over this past weekend, gathering all the data he can about the New York grappler.

Overall, Cool_Kid determines that Alex is indeed better following the proposed balance changes. Alex’s health has been buffed to 1025, his V-Skill is faster so you can potentially get two arm spins in after a stun and his Slash Elbow is now safe on block. The elbow is also quicker, meaning Alex can essentially loop his Slash Elbow on opponents trying to jump away.

Many of his medium normals are faster too, but Cool_Kid is still concerned about Alex’s ability to deal with pressure once someone gains momentum. His sub-par V-Reversal and lack of a three frame jab means he struggles to shake someone off once they get in his face. While his oki game is still weak according to Cool_Kid, he feels that it is much more enjoyable version of the character compared to at the start of Season 2.

Source: THE COOL KID 93

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