Playergodaines shares K’ Combos for King of Fighters XIV version 2.01

By on May 14, 2017 at 11:00 am

Wanna pick up King of Fighter’s K’ after the buffs he received in 2.0? Playergodaines’s combo tutorial should get you up to speed!

The most noteworthy change to his combos is fasted speed on his “Knee Assault”, executed with f+B. This active hitbox change allows him to use it in new ways in corner juggles with Max Mode. It adds a little bit more variety to execution for K’ and pushes his damage just a little bit more. He actually received other buffs to- for example, invincibility on his climax super, “Hyper Chain Drive”.

If you weren’t sure if you wanted to play him before, give the latest K’ model a try!

Source: playergodaines

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