8WR|Mezza shows off Sceptile Debuff + Meter Steal combos for Pokkén Tournament

By on May 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm

In Pokkén Tournament, Sceptile is one of the most combo-video friendly characters thanks to his jump cancels and wall resplats. There’s a lot of different routes he can take to get big optimal damage once he has his enemy pinned in the corner.

“Optimal” , however, is kind of a slippery word in Pokkén, particularly when Phase Shift points could suddenly cut off your combo. Luckily, damage isn’t the only thing Sceptile has going for him! Because of his many cancels, he can link into various supports, allowing him to also drain opponent’s super and apply status debuffs.

And if you pay attention to your Phase Shift points, you can still break 200 damage, get your debuffs in, and setup a trap on your opponent’s wakeup.

You can still break 200, apply a debuff, and not use an assist…

…and if you’ve got all your Phase Shift points to work with and Yvetal on deck, you can get nearly 300 with this wall combo.

All in one combo he gets damage, status effects, dash cancels, jump cancels, command grab synergy stealing, and combos in and out of assist. Few characters get to do so much with the system mechanics of Pokkén quite like Sceptile.

Source: 8WR| Mezza

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