Learn to play Dhalsim competitively with Burnout in this episode of Yahoo Esports’ Tech Hit

By on May 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Dhalsim may be one of the harder characters to play at a competitive level in Street Fighter V. His zoning based playstyle seems at odds with how the game itself wants you to play, and he has to take a lot of risks by getting up close and deal maximum damage.

In this new episode of Yahoo Esports’s Tech Hit, Michael Martin sits down with Xsplit’s Kevin “Burnout” Kim who talks to him about what it takes to bring Dhalsim into a tournament. In the video below, Burnout talks a lot about the mentality a player needs to play competitively, including how to go beyond just trying to keep away and start rushing down with Dhalsim, and using his new tools to allow him to play offensively and win games.

In addition to this, he also talks about Dhalsim’s tournament representation and the challenges and even advantages of picking the character in a tournament.

Source: Yahoo Esports

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