Lazy Game Reviews looks at the life and death of MadCatz

By on May 13, 2017 at 11:00 am

MadCatz has been a beloved name in the FGC for the past decade, so the company’s declaration of Chapter 7 bankruptcy caught many off guard. The company was driving force in the arcade stick market, one that pushed itself and its competitors to new heights in the past few years.

In a new edition of their LGR Tech Tales series, Lazy Game Reviews looks at the rise and fall of MadCatz. Here, they cover the company’s 30 year history from its roots as a start up in Hong Kong, to its spotty past releasing budget peripherals, to the heights releasing quality, officially licensed controllers for fighting and music games–the latter of which are generally perceived as what helped kill the business–and everything in between.

Source: Lazy Game Reviews

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