How to beat Faust: find strategy in the randomness of this Guilty Gear Xrd match-up with LordKnight

By on May 13, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-‘s Faust is designed to be the wackiest, zaniest character in the cast. An abnormal hurtbox coupled with surprisingly big normal attacks and random items. How do you fight someone who can summon a meteor shower if they get lucky, teleport by opening dimensional doors, and hit you from the ground up with a sunflower?

LordKnight starts his match-up guide with a quick definition of Faust. He explains a common misconception about Faust, who is often considered more of a zoning character due to his range and projectiles. However, Faust has plenty of rushdown and unpredictable mix-up options, which make him especially scary up close. LordKnight goes through his normal attacks, which are designed to control specific spaces. Then he moves on to explaining the properties of Faust’s repertoire of special items.

Whether you have trouble with Faust or are generally unfamiliar with the character, this is a great tutorial to gain some knowledge, which is also quite relevant for REV 2. Hopefully, that will ease the match-up a little bit. Or, I don’t know, just pick Sin.

If you’re more of a reader or want to save these notes on the go, check out the Faust match-up write-up on Evernote.

More worried about Sol Badguy instead? Learn how to best him with LordKnight’s Sol Badguy match-up tutorial.

Sources: LordKnight; Evernote

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