PND|Ketchup and Mustard look at “What’s Changed” with Green Arrow in Injustice 2

By on May 12, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Arriving at the end of their pre-release coverage for Injustice 2, PND|Ketchup and Mustard complete their “What’s Changed?” mini-series by looking at another veteran hero, Oliver Queen, otherwise known as the Green Arrow.

Though he was recently broken down on an Injustice Watchtower live stream, this video is a great supplement to that breakdown, as the PND brothers touch on specific property changes on his strings, such as his 2,2,3 string now launching opponents, instead of his 1,1,3–as the former string starts off as a mid, making it much more reliable punishing tool. B23 is now a mid-hitting hard knockdown, and his Injustice: Gods Among Us corner combos are no longer possible. Gaining the ability to meter burn his Hurricane Bow has resulted in the Hero of Star City having much greater damage output, in addition to possessing a reliable mid-screen opener for a bar. The Ice Arrow has also been nerfed to simply suspend foes in the air, as opposed to always restanding them on the spot, in an attempt to encourage diverse usage of all types of arrows. Though since Ollie deals more damage overall, this shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem, particularly when factoring in Shock arrow and Straight arrow extensions.

Finally, after briefly covering his new Boxing Glove arrow and the ability to hold them while moving, Ketchup notes that the Emerald Archer’s new Super is no longer an unblockable, like its predecessor. However, despite losing the inescapable resets and guaranteed damage, this could be seen as a buff; as now his super can be used normally, as he deals greater damage across the board–as opposed to being forced to rely on those reset situations. Players won’t have to fear immediately losing a clash after going for max damage, since they won’t always have to spend an entire meter to gain a life lead, only for adversaries to immediately heal it all back with you being helpless to stop them.

Catch their other “What’s Changed?” video, focusing on Cyborg, here.

Will these changes convince you to take up the quiver this time around? Tell us in the comments section.

Injustice 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next Tuesday, May 16th.

Source: PNDK&M

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