Learn how to play Vanessa in The King of Fighters XIV with Frionel’s 3-part guide

By on May 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Vanessa win screen

Of the four DLC characters added into The King of Fighters XIV, Vanessa is likely one of the less straightforward ones to pick up and play. Her reliance on staying up close to try to get in and score a stun means that it takes a bit of study to learn how to play her well.

For those looking to learn Vanessa, Frionel has put together a 3-part tutorial series designed to teach players the ins and outs of the character. The first part of the series focuses on combos: arguably the part most people want to get to.

Combos alone, however, aren’t enough to be successful with a character–which is where the second part come in, as they focus on her setups and frame traps.

Part three is a bit more advanced, as it explores the different ways that she can stun her opponent–depending on how she opens them up.

Source: Frionel

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