Friday Night Fan Art: Chun-Li and Mai Shiranui face off, plus a fresh look for Alice and Kula’s character models

By on May 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Mai Shiranui by Tecnomayro crop 750x400

Check out this spectacular art from fighting game fans!

Welcome back to Friday Night Fan Art! Tonight we’ll pit the poster girls from two big fighting franchises against each other: Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, and The King of Fighters’ Mai Shiranui! These ladies have developed a sort of mascot rivalry, especially since facing each other in the Capcom vs. SNK titles. We’ll be featuring the work of many different DeviantArt artists below; you can decide which femme fatale fights the fiercest.

Since Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Chun-Li has been widely accepted as the “first lady of fighting games,” a symbol of both strength and beauty.

From left to right: digital painting by bigmac996; Chun-Li pinup by pop-lee; Chun-Li spinning into action by 10tackle.

From left to right: Chun-Li in her Street Fighter IV alternate by BROTERS707; a little more kawaii-styled by Endling; and a fantastic pencil/charcoal portrait by bledrebel!

SNK’s fiery Mai Shiranui is definitely one of the most prominent faces for The King of Fighters series, thanks in no small part to her sex appeal. She actually got her start way back in Fatal Fury.

From left to right: gorgeous Mai airbrush by Tecnomayro; anime-style by bocodamondo; Mai taking a rest, by RaphooN.

From left to right: digital painting by IvannaMatilla; DickZAN‘s flirty rendition; “oh my mai” by pyawakit.

Chrissy-Tee works with the lighting and poses on character models from various games to create new fan renders; getting their hands on some models from The King of Fighters XIV has resulted in some new images that help show off how detailed the KOFXIV character models actually are. Here’s Alice, and the meme-worthy “fingerguns” Kula:

Also, because it wouldn’t be right to end without another picture of Guilty Gear Xrd’s Baiken, here’s one by :

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Sources: bigmac996pop-lee10tackleBROTERS707EndlingbledrebelTecnomayro; bocodamondoRaphooNIvannaMatilla; DickZAN; pyawakitChrissy-Tee Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.