Ed can be played online in the main Street Fighter V game with this PC mod

By on May 12, 2017 at 12:30 pm
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Can’t wait for Ed to get an official release? Here’s an option for PC players. But be careful!

The next character joining the Street Fighter V roster–Ed–is currently playable right now as part of the second CFN beta test on PlayStation 4 and PC. As DLC, he hasn’t been given an official release date for the Street Fighter V main game yet… but that isn’t going to slow down the PC modding crowd.

Apparently, using the mod below you can “liberate” Ed from his beta-only status and bring him into most of the modes–yes, including online–in the SFV main game for PC. Download links for the mod are in the video description. Of course, Capcom itself has frowned on this behavior before: specifically, when Juri and Urien were pulled out of General Story before their release–so use of Ed online through your CFN account could result in penalties/banning. Use this mod at your own risk!

Source: Nelson’s TAS and Game Archive

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