The Rivals Championship Series returns for its second season

By on May 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm
RoA Shine 2017

After the success of its first season last year, the Rivals Championship Series is back for a new season. With its first major offline event being at Shine 2017 in August, the Rivals of Aether team have announced some of the changes they are making to the overall tournament circuit for this year.

First off, the tournament circuit is being expanded from two regions to three regions. Alongside Europe and North America, Australia is now joining the Rivals Championship Series. Alongside the top four players from North America, the top player from both Australia and Europe will get travel vouchers to attend the season finale in early 2018. The finals location has yet to be confirmed but it is promised to be “the biggest Rivals event ever.”

Alongside offline events, RCS Season Two will host regular online monthlies running up until December. If you are unable to make it out to big offline events, this monthlies will be your best bet for grinding out RCS points and potentially winning that travel voucher out to the season finale.

Hoping to raise the stakes for its first two monthlies, the RCS have teamed up with Big Blue Esports to make their first two online events qualifiers for Shine 2017. Alongside additional goodies, the top 8 from each of these qualifiers will enter a special 16-man bracket, where the overall winner will win a trip to Shine 2017. These qualifiers are only available to those in North America, so Australian and European players will have to wait for their respective monthlies.

Source: Rivals of Aether

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