Street Fighter V at Red Bull Proving Grounds: NorCal Rivals round two recap, results, and replays

By on May 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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The second round of NorCal Rivals took place this past weekend at the Gamers Den in Campbell, CA. While the number of entrants were only around half the size of last month’s first round, the Street Fighter V competition was just as fierce as ever, but with quite a few shakeups in the standings.

German “Ultima” Marroquin–the young up-and-comer with the rambunctious Rashid who placed fifth at last month’s event–took the first place spot this time around: shimmying some of NorCal’s best in the winners bracket such as Mattypie, G-Dragon, Pavocado, and ultimately (no pun intended) BJ Unchained in grand finals. With this victory, along with his fifth place finish last month, Ultima has the lead with 500 points in the overall standings.

Brian “BJ Unchained” Jeon, who dismally placed 32nd last month, finished strong in second place and made up some ground to tie for third with his brother Kelvin (who won last month’s event) with 300 points each. His matches were really close throughout the night, with Brian almost losing to BrolyBallz’s solid Akuma and Pavocado’s cold and calculated R. Mika play. He only ended up losing to Ultima earlier in the winners bracket and in grand finals. The fact that the two Jeon brothers are tied for third in the standings will make for an interesting result next month if only one of them can make it through barring some bizarre shakeups. One of three things can occur in this scenario: either only one of the brothers qualify for the 3v3, both brothers make it or none of them do. Everything hinges on what transpires at the beginning of June.

Lets also not forget Pavo “Pavocado” Miskic who has been the most consistent player so far with two third place finishes in a row and is currently in second place overall with 450 points. While I’m sure he’s not satisfied with that result, if Pavo can place in the top three for next month’s event, he will have secured a spot for the Red Bull Proving Grounds finals in Santa Monica to try and win the trip to Evolution 2017 along with whoever his teammates will be.

You can watch the whole tournament below, which clocks in at a little over three hours long. Some NSFW language is used here–so watch with discretion.

NorCal Rivals: Street Fighter V

Top 16 results (54 entrants)

1st: Ultima (Rashid)
2nd: BJ UnChained (Necalli)
3rd: Pavocado (R. Mika)
4th: BrolyBallz (Akuma)
5th: G-Dragon (Karin)
5th: Higashi (R. Mika)
7th: PH|Crackfiend (Urien)
7th: DM|John B. (Ibuki)

9th: CE|Isaiah Raider (Laura, Guile)
9th: ROG|Kelvin Jeon (Urien, Ibuki)
9th: LDO (Birdie)
9th: Lamerboi (Rashid)
13th: Supa (?)
13th: Danphan (?)
13th: GenesisFrenzy (Laura)
13th: THEDTRAN (Birdie)

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