Snake Eyez talks Zangief, picking Akuma, not playing Marvel, and teases a special project with BornFree

By on May 10, 2017 at 12:00 pm

One of the more recognizable top Street Fighter V players is Red Bull & Cygames Beast’s Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis. Bursting on the scene as a Super Street Fighter II Turbo player, Snake Eyez successfully made a transition to playing Street Fighter IV and now Street Fighter V, recently taking a 7th place finish in the latter at DreamHack Austin.

At DreamHack Austin, Mark “BornFree” Sheridan caught up with Snake Eyez, where he got the chance to grill him on a number of subjects. One of these is his character choice, with him using Akuma in addition his traditional Zangief: something he says allows him to progress in a more consistent manner. That said, he does like to see a player who can stick to and be consistent with just one character.

Speaking of sticking to one character: he credits this as the reason why he’s never been able to transition over to the Marvel vs. Capcom series. He just has difficulty playing two characters in tandem (he’d prefer to play a team of 3 Zangiefs). With this, it’s unlikely that he’ll play Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Regarding Zangief, he admits that he doesn’t really know why he ended up being a Zangief player. He recalls how he actually got his start by playing Ken in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

In addition to all these, he also talks about working on a new product with Red Bull. As for what this is, he only says that it’s “a product that people (with Red Bull) can use” and that it’ll be “probably be better than what they are currently using.” That said, he says he doesn’t want to give too much away.

Check out the video below for more, including his thoughts on Street Fighter V’s fuzzy jump nerf, and Tekken 7.

Source: BornFree

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